Lavendel treatments and massages
in Windischgarsten

Good for body and mind

Healing hands and thousands of targeted grips exude precious energy, loosen tensions and support your health in the long term. A massage in Windischgarsten at the 4-star Hotel Lavendel puts the emphasis on your holistic well-being.

Enjoy vital relaxation after sporty trips through the region and attain inner balance – our massage experts at the spa hotel Windischgarsten know exactly what matters. Find our spa treatments at a glance below.

Lavendel massage

Relaxation with scented oil

Scented oil massage with the exclusively compiled organic lavender oil to relax and enjoy. The lavender blossoms have numerous positive effects on our body. The oil has a relaxing effect and can help you to sleep. It is also used for various afflictions (headaches, indigestion, skin irritations, etc.). Be tempted and forget the daily routine!

30 min. € 42,- / 50min. € 70,-

Sports massage

The first step toward regeneration

This rhythmic and intense massage technique is used specifically for regeneration after sport. A sports massage in Windischgarsten is ideal after demanding athletic days in the divine nature of Pyhrn Priel – the perfect antidote to severe muscle soreness!

30 min. / € 42,-

Special leg massage

For heavy, tired legs

Do you suffer from tired and heavy legs? Try this gentle and slow massage that supports the removal of lymphatic fluid and makes for lighter legs. Subsequent application of refreshing vein ointment supports and prolongs the effect of the massage.

50 min. / €70,-

Traditional massage /
healing massage

Touching indulgence programme

Traditional (healing) massages have been used for the well-being of body, mind and soul for millennia. Spoil yourself through targeted touches and enjoy your timeout at the 4-star spa hotel Lavendel.

30 min. / € 30,-
45 min. / € 44,-
60 min. / € 58,-

Dorn Breuss massage

The universal treatment for your spine

This massage in Windischgarsten is used for many spinal afflictions. It starts with a slow Breuss massage equalising energetic imbalances followed by a brief rest period. Next up is a pleasant back massage before remaining blockages are finally dissolved gently and rhythmically.

90 min. / € 85,-


Healing effect for inner organs

These massages (segment massage, connective tissue massage, foot zone massage) set various impulses on the skin through special grips, resulting in a positive impact on connected organs.

30 min. / € 30,-


We recommend setting your treatment dates as far in advance as possible so that we can guarantee your appointment of choice. Best book your massage in Windischgarsten together with your non-binding reservation enquiry!